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 New people---->How to.....

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PostSubject: New people---->How to.....   Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:09 pm

How do I use a Forum?

The first time you use a forum you will need to register. This involves supplying a username, which you choose yourself, a password, also chosen by you, and a VALID email address. You may wish to supply other items of information which are optional but strongly encouraged, you can do this in your profile.

Once you have established an identity you will need to use this username and password each time you logon to the forum, so don't forget this information. Although lost passwords can be retrieved
or reset by admin.

How Do I Start A New Topic?

If in no other posts people are talking about what you want to chat about then why not start a post of your own.

To do this go in to the category that best fits, so for example i wanted to chat about coronation street i would post in music, tv and movies

pic 1


Click on New to start a fresh topic.

pic 2


pic 3

How Do I Reply To Posts?

If you have read a thread and would like to post a reply then....

pic 4

Then you will get a screen the same as pic 3

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New people---->How to.....
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